Well, Hello!

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Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog!

This little space of the internet is where I hope to share my healthy, yet delicious recipes with you! My passion is living a healthy life and fueling our bodies with undercover noms (aka: delicious, healthy foods).

But first, I want to give a little background into myself and how I ended up being food conscious. I suffer from PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome). This is an endocrine disorder that totally throws your body and mind out of whack. Currently there is no cure, nor specific medicine specifically for this. A couple of symptoms of PCOS is weight gain/obesity and insulin resistance/diabetes. There are many more symptoms, but these are the biggies that I want to talk about.

I’m sure everyone has heard the phrase, “if I just look at food I gain weight”! Well, for us PCOS sufferers this is legit. Ok, maybe not just looking a food will make us gain weight, but due a lot of us having insulin resistance it makes it extremely hard to lose weight. Also, for added fun it makes it really easy for us to gain weight (insert a big eye roll and a sigh here!).

Let’s backup about 5-6 years. I was overweight, extremely tired and all of my symptoms were full blown. Treatments the doctor was offering weren’t helping me. I decided to change my diet and to start working out regularly. I lost 50lbs and was in my healthy weight range for the first time in adulthood. My symptoms started to disappear as well. I then had this ah-ha moment. The food I was eating helped put my symptoms into remission!

Now, I have fined tuned what works best for my body. Due to having higher levels of inflammation than most and a sensitivity to insulin – I try not consume refined sugar and I tend to eat mostly gluten free grains. If I eat a huge glazed donut and wash it down with a sugary iced coffee I will feel the regret almost immediately. So, I try to abstain from the refined sugar and flours. Which, is easier than it may sound 😉

Follow along with me for healthy twists on desserts and traditional comfort foods that have an emphasis on being refined flour and refine sugar free!



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