Buttermilk Ranch Seasoning


So, my kids have a thing about ranch. Ranch dressing, ranch seasoning, ranch everything! I used to buy the packets of ranch seasoning from the store, but after becoming more aware of ingredients and additives I decided I’d try and make my own.

 Well, to my surprise this was super easy AND tasted way better! Also, it’s cheaper to make my own. This was a win all around. Best of all my kids love it! My youngest one will sneak to get some of this seasoning, dip her finger in it and eat it that way. Don’t worry, we don’t share her personal stash with others (lol).

We use this seasoning mix mainly on: Popcorn, pork chops and roasted veggies, but the possibilities are endless! I’m super tempted to sprinkle some of this on a healthified (that’s a word, right?) pizza. Back in high school and college I remember we would dip pizza into ranch dressing. Even tacos we would dip in ranch. Terrible, right?! But, oh so good 🙂

Buttermilk Ranch Seasoning


Throw all of the ingredients into a food processor and process for a minute to make sure everything is incorporated well. Feel free to mix it up with a fork or whisk if you do not have a food processor. Store mix in an airtight container and refrigerate after use. Enjoy!


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